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Warmer Days of Winter Bundle

Your Choice of Warmer and 3 Select Scent Pods® - Get 2 FREE Scent Pods!

Welcome the Warmer Days of Winter with this Scent Pod® and Warmer bundle! Fill an entire room with your favorite fragrances without the worry of a flame or the stress of scraping wax. Choose the Scent Pod to suit your mood, pop off the lid and drop it into the Warmer. Simply press the automatic timer once to turn the unit on, twice to set it for 4 hours, three times to set it for 8 hours, or four times to set it for 12 hours.

A word on Warmers:
Easy Scent Swap with patented Scent Pod technology to make changing fragrances a snap.
Worry-Free Timer with an auto shut-off feature that allows you to turn it on before you leave the house and enjoy a fragrant welcome home.
Satisfaction Guaranteed with nearly a dozen Scent Pod Warmers to choose from, there’s a Warmer to fit everyone’s style!

The skinny on Scent Pods:
Proprietary Wax Blend is made of the highest-quality, food-grade paraffin wax.
Long Lasting fragrance is quality tested to ensure up to 20 hours of consistent scent.
No Scraping Needed when you want to swap scents, simply replace the plastic pod on the heating surface after the wax has cooled.
Easy Storage when you snap the lid back on between uses, it keeps the fragrance strong and stacks easily.

For use with Gold Canyon Scent Pod Warmers only.
$49.38 $36.44